Metalographic microscopes - Kapa MOM 2000


MOM 2000

microscope with transmitted illumination
trinocular head inclined 30°
adjustable interpupillary distance
range of dioptric focusing +/- 5D
photo divider (0% - 100%, 20% - 80%)
eyepieces WF10X/18 (2 pcs) + eyepiece with micrometric scale
nosepiece for 3 light field eyepieces and 2 dark field eyepiece
double layer single-mechanic X-Y stage
coarse and fine focusing
incident illumination 12V/50W
transmitted illumination 6V/30W
built in polarizer and analyzer
switchable illumination system for light and dark fields
plan-achromatic objectives 4x/0.1 (for light fields), 10x/0.25 (for dark and light fields), 20x/0.40 (for dark and light fields), 40x/0.65 (for light fields), 80x/0.90 (for light fields)
objective micrometer for calibration
light source for incident illumination with iris bezel and centered lamp
filters: blue, yellow, green
a lot of additional accessories