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Kapa SM 3-BN

Kapa SM and ZM series

rotating monocular head (360°) with 45°angle
maximum magnitude 1000x
standard wide-angle eyepiece WF 10x
revolver head with 4 achromatic objectives 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x (oil)
coarse and gentle focus

Kapa BM 4

Kapa MIC, BM, LM series

Microscope for universities and professional laboratories, prefect quality of optics and electronics for light control. Characteristic:
- fully (360°) rotating head: binocular and trinocular
- possibile to set eye spacing and dioptric focus

Kapa N 3000

Kapa x000 series

Head: trinocular, with 30° angle, fully rotating 360°
Eye spacing: changeable from 51 to 78mm
Range of dioptric focus: +/- 5D
Eyepieces: EWF10x/22mm, suitable for people with glasses


Kapa STx series

stereoscopic microscope with a large working distance
binocular head
magnification 5x, 10x
achromatic objective magnification 2x, 4x (accessories 2x)
widefield eyepiece WF 10x

Kapa STM 712

Kapa STM series

simple stereoscopic microscope
rotating binocular head
massive professional design
magnification 20x and 40x
achromatic objective 2x, 4x
widefield eyepiece WF 10x

Kapa IM1

Kapa IM series

inverse microscope
rotating trinocular head
maximum magnification 400x
standard widefield eyepiece WF 10x
revolver head with 4 planachromatic objectives 10x/0,25 (working distance (w.d.) 7,9 mm), ...

Kapa M - 100(s)

Kapa M 100

Portable microscope
Fixed magnification 100x (according to the choiced objective)
achromatic objective 10x
standard widefield eyepiece WF 10x/17 mm
lighting with the replaceable batteries

Kapa MOM1

Kapa MOM 1 series

monocular head
zooming objective (0,7x-4,5x)
maximum magnification 45x
standard wide-angle eyepiece WF 10x/18mm
incident also transmitted light

Kapa MOM6 -M

Kapa MOM6 series

binocular head
maximum magnification 1000x
standard widefield eyepiece WF 10x/18 mm
revolver head with 4 planachromatic objectives 10x, 20x, 40x, - 100x (oil)

Kapa MOM2000

Kapa MOM 2000 series

metalographic microscope with the posibility of incident light
trinocular head with 45° angle
interpupilary adjustment
range of dioptric focus +/- 5D